How are you different from other ride-hailing platforms?

Lymo is a unique ride-hailing marketplace and matchmaker that gives you full power of choice. We show you all the ride options matching your preferences (cheapest / fastest) and you choose. You are then put into direct contact with your independent driver. As drivers set their own rate knowing that Lymo takes no commission, you can find on Lymo excellent value for money at any moment of the day for your ride. Drivers are 100% independent and Lymo does not intervene in your ride with them. RIDE HAPPY 100% Swiss, legal and ethical. Our values -Integrity, Transparency, Kindness, Courage and Humility – empower us to act in the interest of drivers, riders, cities and laws. BEST VALUE FOR MONEY Each independent driver decides his own rate depending on supply and demand and doesn’t pay a commission. THE CHOICE IS YOURS Indicate your preference (cheapest / fastest), compare and choose your ride. ALSO TAXIS! Both independent Taxi (in yellow) and private-hire-vehicles (in blue) offer rides on Lymo. Taxis can use faster lanes. GUARANTEED PRICES Your driver will not charge you more than the maximal estimation or more than what the Taximeter shows.