How do I select the best car for me?

Lymo gives you full power of choice. Tell us where you’d like to go by entering your destination on the main screen of the app. Tell us if you have any special need, then choose whether you prefer to see the cheapest or the fastest car options. We then show you two cars: a premium and a standard car option. For each option, we show you the price, speed, car make, model and year, driver rating. Lymo also shows you the driver’s percentage of perfect rides. This percentage shows you the reliability of the driver. The percentage is displayed in green if it is above the average percentage of the other drivers or in white if it is below. Based in that information, you can choose from them. Select the car you wish to order to request the ride and Lymo puts you in direct relationship with the driver from there onwards. Taxis are shown in Yellow, other professional drivers in Blue.