How is my fare calculated?

On the Lymo platform, each independent driver decides the price he wants to offer you knowing he won’t pay any commission. He decides at any time his base fare, price per kilometer, price per minute and minimum faire and Lymo shows you the fare estimate for your given itinerary. The range guarantees you the maximum fare you will pay to avoid any bad surprises. Refer to “Trips” in the Menu for more details on the breakdown of your fare (estimate and effective fare). Extra waiting time may apply on top of your fare and on top of the maximum fare estimate. The minimum fare you will pay is defined by the driver. This minimum fare is there to compensate your driver for driving to your pick-up location in case you are doing a very short ride. If toll charges apply, they will be added to your fare but this total will not exceed the maximum fare estimate nor the price shown by the taximeter.