What if I ordered a car by mistake?

Don’t worry. You can cancel your ride at any time. Please note that depending on the situation, cancellation fees may apply and your app will inform you about them. Once the car is confirmed you can cancel your order before the start of the ride by clicking on the “Cancel Ride” button at the bottom of your screen. You will see the button appear when you expand the window showing you the details of your ride. If you cancel your ride more than 1 minute after it has been confirmed by your driver, a cancellation fee of 1 CHF per minute from confirmation applies. However, if your driver is more than 5 minutes late at your pick-up location compared to the time initially estimated by Lymo, no cancellation fees apply. Cancellation fees may apply if you cancel your ride while the driver is already waiting for you at pick up location. The fees will depend on how long the driver has been waiting for you and will range from the minimum fare applicable for your ride to this minimum fare + 5 CHF. Note that if you aren’t at the pick up location within 8 minutes after the driver has arrived, the driver has the right to cancel your order for a cancellation fee of the minimum fare for this ride.