Drive Less,
Earn More!

Keep 100% of all rides income

Download Lymo

lymo app

Download Lymo

lymo app

0% commission on rides

– Every driver in Lymo, will take 100% of the ride fees.
– Lymo will not take any revenues from the ride fees.

Drivers control their pricing

– The driver pays a weekly subscription fee to Lymo.
– The subscription fees will vary in each country depending on the currency.

Surprisingly low cost

РLymo has low subscritpion fee that fit all drivers 

How to price a Lymo ride 1

How to price a Lymo ride 2

Why should
I drive with LYMOfavicon

All Lymo drivers are 100% independent.
Lymo drivers take 100% of the ride fees to themselves.
Lymo drivers set their own prices, and they choose the rides they are most comfortable with.
On the average Lymo prices are around 30% cheaper than theindustry average.
Lymo drivers are incentivised to pick up ANY ride even if it is far away.
Lymo drivers enjoy the security of a long term relationship with Lymo.
Lymo will never replace Lymo drivers with Self Driven Cars.
Lymo drivers ride happy.

  • Act for the good

    Integrity , Kindness & Courage guide every decision we make

  • Matchmaking independent drivers with riders

  • Ride with LYMO

    anywhere and anytime you want !