Maximize your revenues

No Commission

Drivers control their pricing

Surprisingly low cost

100% legal

Ride happy

No commission

Lymo charges a fee of 5CHF on your first 7 rides of the week.

After the 8th ride, 100% of the net fare revenue goes to you.

Drivers control their pricing

Any time, drivers choose their price per km and clients are free to pick which driver they want.

Surprisingly low cost

Lymo charges a maximum of 35CHF per week to use the Lymo platform.

If you don't use the platform for a week you don't pay. You only pay when you use it.

100% Legal

Lymo complies with all local regulations and only with experienced professional drivers.

Ride Happy

We believe in integrity, transparency, kindness and humility. We care for users, drivers, cities and laws.

Start driving with Lymo now!