How do I offer my rides to riders on Lymo?

A rider indicates where he’d like to go and select his preference (cheapest or fastest). Lymo shows him the best Premium and Standard option matching his needs. If you are on parity with another driver on price or estimated arrival time (depending on the rider preference), the driver with the highest Percentage of perfect rides will appear first.

If the client wishes to have more choice, he has the option to see the list of the vehicles in his vicinity and choose from the list.

We show him for each car option the estimated price range (calculated based on your rate), the time of each car to the pick-up or destination, the car make, model, color and year, as well as the driver’s average rating and percentage of perfect rides.

Taxis will appear in yellow and other professional drivers in Blue.

The rider chooses the car option that suits his needs best.

If a rider asks for specific options such as van or baby seat, we will match him with the drivers around him that match his needs.