How is Lymo different and cheaper than other platforms?

Lymo is 100% legal and ethical.

Lymo takes no commission on your rides. Do as many rides as you can, Lymo takes no percentage or fee per ride.

Lymo charges a weekly fee for using the platform. You pay these fees only in the case you do one or more rides via Lymo in a week. If you don’t do any ride via Lymo in a week, you don’t pay.

Drivers are real independents because they are free to decide their rate, their service and car quality, their schedule, their location and they pay no commission on their rides. They receive the complete ride information with incoming requests and are free to choose to accept it or not.

Riders can visually compare the offers of the drivers and pick themselves the ride they prefer. As Lymo is a marketplace, they will always find best value for money.

We want riders and drivers to ride happy: our values – Integrity, Transparency, Kindness, Courage and Humility – empower us to act in the interest of drivers, riders, cities and laws.