How is the fare calculated?

As a driver, you decide your rate. Based on this rate, Lymo calculates a fare estimate (price range) for the ride. The maximum range is a guaranteed price that the rider will pay. Note that we include in the upper level of the range a buffer that allows unplanned traffic or roadworks that may not have been anticipated in the initial fare estimate so that it minimises any bad surprises for you.

Moreover, if the time to the pick-up location exceeds 7 minutes, each additional minute will increase the price of the base fare of 1 CHF per minute.
If the pick-up location is the Geneva International Airport, the app will add 1.50 CHF to the base fare.

If you want to see our fare construction, please refer to “Trips” in the Menu where you will see the breakdown of the estimated and effective fares. These fares may vary from one ride to another depending on your chosen rate level at the time of the ride. Extra waiting time may apply on top of the fare.

This minimum fare is there to compensate you for driving to a pick-up location in case of a very short ride.