What is the cancellation policy on Lymo?

Riders can cancel the ride at any time and depending on the situation, you may receive cancellation charges apart.

From the moment you’ve accepted the ride, the rider has 1 minute to cancel the ride free of charge. Above 1 minute, the rider will be charged cancellation fees of 1 CHF for each additional minute. If you are more than 5 minutes above the estimated time to arrive at the pick-up location, the rider has the right to cancel the ride free of charge.

If your rider cancels while you are waiting for you at the pick-up location, he will pay cancellation fees that will depend on how long you have been waiting for him and will range from the minimum fare applicable for your ride up to this minimum fare + 5 CHF.

You can cancel a ride at any time until you arrive at the pick-up location. The rider will be able to rate you, therefore think of calling him and explaining the situation to him, to avoid receiving a bad rating from him. If your rider doesn’t show up in the 8 min following your arrival at the pick-up location, you may cancel the trip and collect from the customer cancellation fees of the minimum fare of the trip.