What is the percentage of perfect rides?

The Percentage of Perfect Rides is a statistic that indicates in an objective way the reliability of each driver.
It is calculated by dividing the number of rides that you have done with rates of 4 or 5 by the number of requests that you receive. However, to not prejudice you, the number of ride requests doesn’t contain the request cancelled because of the client and rejection by you.

The Percentage of Perfect Rides is recalculated for each driver continuously based on the average of the last 100 net ride requests. It will be hidden until you reach 5 ride requests. From there onwards, the calculation above will be appeared.

You can see you Percentage of Perfect Rides on the top of your main screen and you can have more details in performance section.

The Percentage of Perfect Rides can be considered as one of the parameters in the app algorithm to determine which drivers should be shown to clients.Therefore keep in mind that the higher your percentage, the higher the probability is that you’ll show on the screens.

It is displayed in green if it is above the 66% percentage, in white if it is between 50 and 66% and in red if it is below.